Track Out Enrollment Forms

Required Forms

Directions: Click on the name of each document to download and print.  Hard copy forms must be submitted in person or by mail, with the exception of the physician’s immunization record, which may be faxed to our office.  Please read through the list to make sure you have properly completed all the necessary forms.

   Track Out Camp Policies and Procedures – Carefully read through this document.  Print, sign and complete the last page to submit along with your camper’s other forms.
  Track Out Camp Behavior Policy
  Medical Information
  Medical Liability Release
  Immunization Record –  Note: You may request from your doctor a copy of your child’s immunization record.  However, you must still print, sign and submit this document.  Doctor’s offices may fax the form to us at 844-778-7072.

Additional Forms

These forms must be completed by a physician and signed by a parent or guardian.  Only submit these forms if they apply to your child’s need while in our care.

   Over-the-Counter & Prescription Medication – This form must be completed by a physician ONLY IF your child must take medication while in our care, or may require medication, such as Benadryl, in case of an emergency.
   Medical Action Plans – Your child’s physician should complete the applicable “Action Plan” ONLY  IF your child has Diabetes, Seizures, Asthma or Allergies.  These will help us provide better care for your child in an emergency.
  Asthma Action Plan
  Diabetes Action Plan
  Food Allergy Action Plan
  Seizure Action Plan